Oh hEy!

There is a person in my life that routinely slips in and out of it – popping up when they can with little more than an overly enthusiastic greeting. There is never really any solid backstory as to why days or weeks or months have passed without any sign of life – just the hope that we can once again quickly pick up where we left off without making it too uncomfortable for anyone (mostly them). That is what I was trying to do in my greeting, let me know if it worked…
I know everyone says time flies – but this summer? It wasn’t even funny how quickly it slipped through my fingers – I know that the kids were home for seventy days but I can only account for roughly ten of them somehow. We managed to go see our local lighthouse – something that has been irritatingly taking up space on my bucket list for years and although the view was pretty sweet – I discovered that Ihadn’t been missing much all these years of not having gone. Proof still that the pursuit is sometimes the fudgy brownie of life – both the thickest and most delicious…
And now school is back in session which means any number of things but has most people who are following along wondering one in particular…how Little Sister is doing. Well, better? Ish. There have been three days of tears but not threats of barfing so I feel like that is a solid V for victory.
Both girls have been graced with teachers who appear to be exceptionally matched to their talents and needs which above all else is very fortunate. Mr. Take a year had to take a class that just so happens to be out of state and occurring this week and last. As hard as double shifts of him being away seemed to be – double weeks have been worse. But we are very proud of him and excited for his return this weekend.
After a summer spent trying desperately to avoid the swampy Florida heat, it is safe to say I have put on a few pounds and likely developed a vitamin D deficiency, but I am on the warpath in my crusade to be the best version of myself and have started exercising again this week. Receo the wonder dog was ecstatic when I shook his leash at him for the first walk in what seemed like an eternity although he was far less engaged fifteen minutes later when he silently implored we call it quits. I’m thinking of limiting his excursions to predawn walks again until the two weeks in December that we call winter here.
I have missed this connection and want to hear from you! Was your summer as short as mine? What projects have you started? And how do I finally go about addressing that absorption – separation situation with that person I talked about in the beginning? I am all ears…


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