Named storms and the like

I used to love hurricane season – and not just when I was a kid. When we first moved into this house I made up a little drawer full of hurricanes supplies (really just batteries and a few water bottles). I saved “the good candles” mostly of the Yankee Candle company variety that could easily double as a weapon should looter arrive (which was unlikely to say the least). The first time a hurricane hit here though, and I opened that “vineyard” Yankee Candle I was decidedly less enthusiastic. Not having air conditioning, facing lots of debris in the road and seven days straight of smelling what amounted to a sip left in a wineglass will do that to a person.

Still, It was an easier time then. School ended for the kids two weeks ago and since then it has rain (at least a little) every single day. This is what hurricane season means to me now. For months out of the year my phone- which has a weather alert app on it – remains silent. But lately every single morning is met not only with a sunrise – but a distinct chime to announce that there will be thunderstorms and showers. This, in turn, makes planning for anything outdoors a bit of a pain.

Even this morning – with projects looming we gave a cursory thought to if we should try to get out before the storms and go do something – five to ten minutes later it was pouring rain. The kids has fun this morning doing inside things – practicing the keyboard, writing short stories and doing puzzles, but made a break for it at the first offer of clear skies and an invitation to go swimming.

Armed with a few free minutes (and no pressure to make a plan for the day) I started to make a list of errands I needed to run and household items I had run out of. (A fun time to realize you have no AAA batteries is when someone needs to get up into the attic and though you own three headlamps, none of them have batteries. This is also a good time to note that you have approximately 32 AA batteries…) The batteries of course spurred on the memory of needing hurricane supplies and the shock that was Times you should not go to the grocery store….The new twist to this is my husband’s participation in Emergency Response Operations and an increased likelihood that if a storm becomes a threat we will need to brace for it here and then he will be away from home, coming back to us when the storm is over.

Because that puts my formally in the position of command staff on the home front, I want to be as equipped for success as possible. (Just as the headlamp situation illuminated (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!) the need for batteries, having the power go out will motivate a person to learn how to operate a generator). In the past year of making incremental changes, I have learned that the best time to prepare for things is prior to their occurrence (Okay, so I am a little late to that party of knowledge – but better late than never, I hope). So prepare I shall, with all the supplies that we might need and maybe even a beach or ocean-breeze scented candle or two to round out the mix.


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