Photos or it didn’t happen…

My mom came up today to visit and just before she left I took a few quick pictures of us. I hadn’t washed my hair and I didn’t put on makeup and for some strange reason when I smiled my upper lip disappeared…But my smile stretched across my face (maybe that’s where my lip went) and I hugged my mama tight. I hardly ever capture those moments, usually content to just commit them to memory and I realized that I want approximately ten billion more pictures in my life. I want evidence that the tips of my husband’s eyelashes get blonde when he is out in the sun and that our dog rushes to greet him by trying to glue his body alongside as much of him as possible. I want to hold something in my hand that will always show me what Big Sister’s face looked like when she was skeptical or how Little Sister always throws up Jazz Hands when I say “freeze”. I won’t let all the moments that have faded with time keep me down, which is easy to do when you are with rapidly changing little people…but I will be taking more photos of us all from now on.


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