Deep Summer

We are officially one week in to summer – what my kids consider “deep summer”. I am not sure where this phrase came from but I love it. Something about how in six days they are deeply committed to being different people moves me…because when else in your life does one get seventy straight days off? (I will save you the guesswork, it’s usually never. Or retirement.)But here we are (me too in some sort of soupy suspended reality because I am still on stay-at-home-mom / freelance time) and it’s pretty fabulous. If the kids don’t want breakfast? No problem! They will devour approximately forty-seven snacks between waking and sleeping so they are covered. No naps? No worries! Because they will battle it out in a war of words over what movie to watch until they both fall asleep with one child clutching the remote control in a Kung Fu grip. In between feedings and reminders that they “still have to brush their teeth and occasionally bathe” my kids have taking squabbling to an unchartered territory and crafting to a level I had yet to experience – the crayons are all worn to nubs…But that is deep summer too, I guess. A time of book reading and movie watching and bug discovery and swimming until your arms feel like overcooked spaghetti. And I wouldn’t change a moment of it for them.


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