Blogging for one year EVERY SINGLE DAY

Here it is – 59 minutes to midnight on the East Coast and I have one thing on my mind: I HAVE A JOB TO DO. I can’t tell you exactly what it has meant o me to meet this deadline every single day. I have made something new and somehow produced it no matter what came in my path – hurricanes, separation anxiety, weight gain, and general dissatisfaction with how I am running my life… you get my drift, and it feels amazing – it feels empowering.

Today was a solid Win. Little Sister made it through soccer without a single tear, without a single tug on my arm – just fully participated. (Yes, this is normal behavior and should be expected, but for us this is CAUSE FOR A CELEBRATION). Tonight, we got together with our friends who happen to be our neighbors and we made quesadillas, and memories as we played cards and the kids played among their selves.

A year ago, I had the craziest idea – that if I sat down to write that maybe someone would read it and maybe in some way or another they would feel a connection to it. I can tell you that it happened quicker and for a longer duration than I ever thought possible. So thank you, thank you for tuning in and checking your email box, or Facebook or feed and listening to what I have thought or worried out or dreamed of. At a little over two weeks left, I haven’t given up or given in – I have just gotten started.


12 thoughts on “Blogging for one year EVERY SINGLE DAY

  1. A hearty CONGRATULATIONS to you my dear. I’ve followed your blog closely. I missed the beginning but I’ve stuck with you almost as long. I applaud your determination of completing your goal. You were awesome in completing the goal you set for yourself, and the even though I don’t know your name, I feel proud of you. Well done and consider a pat on the back as if I knew you personally. I feel like I have a best friend and now I’d like to ask ….. what’s up for the next year??? Have a sip of wine/champagne/coffee/tea/ from me and for me. I revel in your celebrations as if I was right there with you. WELL DONE!, and WRITE ON!!! 😉 & 🙂
    I will continue following you for as long as you continue blogging. I think that I may have to set a goal for myself too!

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  2. I don’t know how you did it, my friend… There are days I forget to run a comb through my hair and you, well you push through those days and sit down at your computer to give us all a glimpse of what determination looks like. Not only determination, but also believing in who you are and who you can become. Celebrate that. Then whatever your next chapter brings, know you have a ton of support behind you 🙂 xoxo

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