Back to the Beach

When I was a kid I couldn’t understand why we didn’t go to the beach every single day. I loved squishing fistfuls of sand in my hands, building what hardly ever resembled castles and throwing myself up out of the ocean like I had seen killer wales do. I loved full sun, and impending rain – it didn’t matter to me in the slightest. As a new parent, I wanted to make sure that our baby got to enjoy the beach as much as possible. Even when that meant dragging a tent, pop up shade, blanket, and mini command unit down to the beach – it seemed a small price to pay for ocean views.

Today we took the dog to the beach with us. Somewhere in between his first eleven mouthfuls of the ocean and before he started whining miserably I knew that I probably should have discouraged him a little earlier. We headed home after multiple calls of nature and after a perfunctory clean up and quick lunch, we split into teams – one group taking the vacuuming of the truck (primarily the backseat, where two sandy kids and a German Shepard had taken up residence) and the other washing the sand, salt water and whatever else might be on the dog off of him, I then cut his nails…

In the grand scheme of things I only cut one too short and statistically that wasn’t awful but there is nothing quite like a bleeding dog toenail and it’s trails throughout the floors (carpets and rugs included!) to dampen the mood. At one point I surveyed the landscape of sandy, wet beach towels, sudsy, dog hair covered beach towels and the general sad and sorry state of the house and I got why some people would say “why bother”? Then I thought about the frames from our live just before that – when the kids threw themselves into the waves and we collected shells and watched the sun kissing the ocean to allow ribbons of light to thread their way down the sea floor and I knew that going wasn’t the easy choice, it was the right choice.

The towels will be washed and the nail has stopped bleeding and the floors were all scrubbed. The last clinging bits of sand swirled down the drain alongside our shampoo and conditioner and throughout the house there lingered that unparalleled mellow feeling you get when you spend the morning swimming in the sea. And it all seemed worth it.


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