Make it to midnight

Today is the last day of school! I think I might be happier than the happiest kid you see at school. It is also the second annual Make-it-midnight celebration at our house. This is where it is allowed AND ENCOURAGED to stay up as late as possible. So far, I am the undisputed champion. Mr. Take-a-year is the first to fall as he is either coming off, going on to are actually at work at this time of the year. Little Sister, though the number one consumer of gummy worms, Hershey’s cookies n crème candies and kettle corn was snoring softly at ten last year. Big Sister, God love her, made past 11:35 p.m. when she finally closed her eyes conceding the victory to me.

Last year, as I bustled around the house folding and distributing laundry, I was a different person. Preschool had just ended and I looked triumphantly ahead at how much easier our lives would be with a single drop off and pick up at the same location. I mentally calculated all the free time I would have to clean the house and get to the gym and maybe even nap. I ignored all the naysayers (you, know the people who had already been there) who explained that it doesn’t exactly pan out that way – mentally shaking my head because I was going to prove them all wrong with my ability to organize my life in the few short hours my kids were at school.

To say I learned a lot this year is a gross understatement, but truth none the less. It sounds like an oxymoron, but I probably would not have discovered how strong and resilient this family was until we had no other options than that. Yes, the school year was tough, and life threw us a few curveballs since that late night last year, but I learned what our own rallying cry sounds like – and what it feels like to cup my hands around my mouth while I called it out. No matter what time I fall asleep tonight, it will be with that echoing in my head, welcoming summer to us all.


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