The (second to the)Last day of school

Today was the SECOND TO THE LAST day of school. My kids somehow believe I have failed them as I haven’t handed out teacher appreciation gifts or said my final goodbye to the team of people who just about propped me up every time I peeled out of the carline, sobbing and maniacal while I squeezed my eyes tight and wondered when the REAL GROWNUPS would have mercy on me and show up…. Around campus today (I delivered pizzas – that was a blog post in itself) I had teachers waving me off and wishing me well – because, of course, who would go to school on Monday – a half day and all…

Umm. My kids. And a whole bunch of other kids too.

I am not knocking anyone who is done today. I get it, I swear that I do. But I like to take stock of the whole year (and this one was a doozy) and write people an actual letter and send one to the principal in support of people who made a difference in my kids’ lives and frankly, I HAVEN’T DONE THAT YET BECAUSE SWEET LORD I THOUGHT I HAD UNTIL MONDAY.

“The kids are just watching movies”, “The grades are in”, “They already did the awards ceremony” … I get it. But being there after all the fanfare::that is part of the fun, I would wager. Hearing the teacher or coach’s rallying remarks about life, leadership and lost yards (football, amIrite?!)has always held a soft spot in my heart and I want the kids to have those same memories. I want them to see the humans who have dedicated their lives to teaching them and inspiring them and want them to see the qualities that it took to answer a calling like that.

Maybe I am a mean mom, trudging forward until the last few seconds on the clock wind down, but my girls want to spend those few remaining hours with a group of their peers who were once just indistinguishable unfamiliar faces and now feel like family to them. You never know who will leave their lives – career opportunities pop up, or family situations change and the people who seem like they will always be around slowly fade into the background before moving in the direction that suits them best. Through Monday morning the cast of characters remains the same and they all take the stage one more time. Maybe it’s a curtain call and the work is already done, but it’s an experience that I for one can’t replicate on my own for them and one that I want them to add to the stories of their lives.


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