The good with the bad

The good news is that the kids are on the mend! Mr. Takeayear is feeling better too! I should be jumping for joy, shouting from the rooftops, or at the very least, doing something helpful and beneficial around the house. But I have a problem. My lungs are still struggling to inflate – I am hovering around one degree north of sweating at all time, my nostrils are on fire and my throat feels like I have recently gargled glass shards. In short: I am still sick.
It has shaped just about everything I have touched in the past week – my writing included, but mostly my thought process. What do I feel like for dinner? Nothing. What do I want to do today? Umm. Nothing? Am I feeling better? Nope. I am thinking this is probably what depression feels like.

Usually, at this time of the year I am thinking about summer. What programs I want to check out for the kids – mostly book clubs – and what needs to be repaired or purchased for snorkeling, kayaking and beach going – it might be nice to have paddle ball paddles with actual handles on them – and of course important things like what summer time fragrance I want to wear or how exactly I made those strawberry daiquiris last time.

Normally, I have worked my way through the linen closets, taking stock of how many beach towels we have, taking a headcount of sunscreen supplies and goggles (where exactly do those disappear to?) and ruthlessly charging through my kids’ closets in an effort to weed out what no longer fits and can be donated (thus streamlining the “getting dressed each day” segment of our lives). Today, I have triumphed in the fact that I purchased dog food and managed to offer two home cooked meals to my family – tomorrow I am shooting for three.

The good news is I have ruled out Vicks vapor rub as a possible summer fragrance. Also, my thrice daily steam showers combined with eucalyptus Epsom salt scrubs along with my desire to shave everyday (because hair growing on me is painful right now) have given me a leg up on my summer beauty regime. Proving once again that there is always a silver lining if you look hard enough for it.


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