Sickness in numbers

842 – Emails that have gone unread in a three day period. Some of which include that full body work out plan that I subscribed to and haven’t started yet because it seems that one might need a full lung capacity as well as the ability to stand upright without nearly fainting for thirty minutes at a time.

60 – Minutes of “The Handmaid’s Tale” that I have watched in bed with the covers pulled up to my eyeballs. I am not sure if I wasn’t breathing due to suspense or because it physically hurt to take a breath, but either way, I am hooked.

34 – Minutes that I just spent trying to reboot the internet as my kids both came out to tell me that Netflix was down and they were pretty much doomed without it.

6 – Voicemails I would have received from the school notifying me that my children were absent.

1 – Giant pot of super garlic infused, steaming hot and salty chicken noodle soup that I made today. Yes, it was approximately nine million degrees out and sushi or a salad would have probably been a better choice based on that fact, but desperate times call for chicken noodle soup.

0 – items of “cultural relevance” that I managed to send in with my third grader today, although I did her interview questions with her.


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