The only time a remake really works out for the majority of people is when it comes to putting new sheets on the bed. Last night, by pure coincidence (the kids and I are sick and slept on the living room couch together) I watched the made for television adaptation of “Dirty Dancing” on ABC – a movie that of course has a die-hard following. I won’t give any spoilers away here if you decide to check it out for yourself, but I will say that my opinion of it shared only one or two thing with almost anyone who felt the need to tweet about it. The general consensus was: it was not the original. To which I can only muster a solid: duh? No one can out Patrick Swayze Patrick Swayze, clearly, and critics would say that no one should.

I for one have happened to love Disney’s recent retelling of classic stories, translating the iconic (and somehow distant) princess tales into well-developed storylines that touch on the familiar but urge a viewer to rethink the narrative that they’ve accepted. Even though the remakes have been commercially successful, there are plenty of detractors (and I can understand not wanting to spoil a memory as I recounted in Chuck’s Steakhouse). I am willing to go on record saying I like the “Dirty Dancing” remake too, and for the same reason, it gave the audience a different look into some of the characters while keeping the same essence (and Iconic quotes I might add).


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