And they all fall down

When I was pregnant, I poured over all of the baby books I could get my hands on. Not just the pregnancy books, but anything written on health, sleep, learning, growth…you name it. I figured if I could hack the process I could circumvent the usual pitfalls. Ha.

Fast forward to today, where I type, sore throated and runny nosed , sweating like a maniac although I am sitting in the direct path of the (gara)office air conditioner all because of the germs I thought I could escape from my own little germ magnets. Though they have every soap and hand sanitizer imaginable, though they take a multivitamin and get plenty of our door exercise and sunlight, though they have access to fresh fruits, vegetables, lean anti-biotic free proteins (I mean they don’t always eat them, but sometimes they do), these little people who live with us have a funny way of keeping the funk to themselves – I call your attention to exhibit A: never covering their mouth or noses while they sneeze but moments later doing “the dab” and covering their entire face for no apparent reason…

We muscled through the stomach flu, we’ve fought our way through home sickness and anxiety and general irritation and even pulling out teeth. If I could illustrate the state of affairs right now it would be quite like the mini-van in “Alexander and the Terrible-Horrible-No-Good-Very-Bad- Day” (the movie – the book is whack…) or any other jalopy you see on its last wheezy, banged up, hubcap wobbling mile as it crests the parking lot of its final destination (that seems like a death scene – but it’s practically every parent’s reality at this point of the school year if their kids attend school).

How many days have the kids missed due to sickness this year? I dunno. Maybe ten million. Or maybe it just feels that way (insert groans from the working Moms and Dads who have had to call out, scramble for coverage, send the kids to school anyway or some combination of the three – I salute you all!).

Now that I have indulged in a little self-pity, I am off to brew some very strong coffee, fill jugs of ice water and prep light snacks and keep on limping toward the finish line (which has done of the panache of euphamisms like “I am going to murder today!” or any of the catchy memes that try their hand at empowerment. Maybe I am procrastinating or dull or disenfranchised but what I can offer is Scarlett’s famous “After all…tomorrow is another day”.


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