You can probably Youtube it

There is a surge in Youtube viewing over at the Takeayears… What started with my husband scrolling through product reviews (mostly on camping gear and tools) has now extended to the younger half of our crew. “Make your own glitter unicorn slime”, “Fidget Spinner Hacks” and “How to prank your Sister” have all been view under the filter of parental control and within earshot of a parent of two.

This morning, my girls were two videos deep of “backpack organization” videos when snuggled up to watch along with them. We sat mesmerized by all the offerings. “Unicorn” prevailed as a new wave verb at times for my girls this year and I can see the popularity is only matched by their unabashed desire to also be mermaids and it appears their Youtube counterparts are just as die-hard in their allegiance. Aside from the mystical, there are countless videos on how to “hack your life” which up until it had a catchier name was commonly referred to as “What would Dad do”…

Forty minutes flew by (I promise it never goes that quickly on the treadmill) and I learned at least five household applications for Coca-Cola (which should have dissuaded me from ever drinking it again), along with how nifty a pallet could be with a few coats of stain, painter’s tape and a steady hand (all of which I am fresh out of). Screen time is hotly contested – and I get that, but it can also be a great tool and additional medium to illuminate a point that you might struggle to communicate (or maybe I am the only one who needs to outsource this way). My point is that it can be useful to bring different ideas, cultures, information and concepts to our small corner of the world. With the current emphasis on technology and global communications that could be a very good thing, but you could probably find out what the experts have to say…by Youtubing it.


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