The different kinds of hard

I used to think that the term ‘hard’ was pretty easy to explain in the difficult definition. Hard – is not easy. But as I have grown and changed, it’s harder to pin down hard…

Hard is getting out of the house on time with kids. Someone is always forgetting something or remembering something or asking for an extra moment to collect themselves so they can remember is they have forgotten something. Then there’s the knowing that if anyone got ready when you had first suggested it, thus circumnavigating the bottlenecking at the front door – also hard.

Hard is trying to extricate yourself from your child as she willfully refuses to separate from you at school. Even though you do this every day. Even though she will be completely calm by the time you get back into your car. Hard.

Hard is trying to figure out what to make for dinner. A dinner that won’t take hours of constant attention or fussy preparations and ingredients to pull off, that is somewhat healthy and offers a chance to get vitamins and minerals into your kids by way of something other than a troll shaped gummy or two. Hard is finding something that fits the bill and then looking at what the bill is…and that is all achieved before 9:00 a.m.

Of course I know that these things aren’t really hard at all – not an illness or a death or injury – but just parts of a day in a life of one person. I realize this and I am incredibly grateful for my lot of what seems less than easy. When I reframe whatever I am dealing with against the opportunity of switching lives with anyone, the decision isn’t hard at all, I choose mine.


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