The second time around the stomach bug

I have to admit that I have learned some hacks – like keeping a small garbage can in the bed (and therefore eliminating the need for a child to “aim”) and finally putting those effleurage techniques I learned in Lamaze class (and never employed) to good use. This time, when met with round the clock vomit, I am ready with a can do spirit and good old fashioned Clorox bleach. More than anything this has been a further expanding lesson for me in compassion, in whole heart care and abundant gratitude for minor illnesses. I haven’t slept much or showered but I have immersed myself in new children’s books and watched as our littlest warrior broke the grip of the stomach virus that has invaded our house. The upside – and there always is one, aside from the return to health, is that all the bedlinens have been washed, along with the towels, toilet bowls, sinks and a few garbage cans which is always a nice side effect to have.


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