Meet me in the middle

I am in a research phase of my life – health and fitness, writing, parenting, survival – pretty much run of the mill topics that I am scoping out. Overwhelmingly, there are mountains of information on “surefire” ways to craft a better experience in one or more of these pursuits and more often than not, I am finding that cutting edge theories are in high conflict with each other. Take for example, two books I recently read about the optimal method for overcoming anxiety in children.

One theory is backed by findings that immersion creates an environment where a child becomes naturally resilient to the unknown. It is posed that taking on new challenges with a wide array of variables allows for growth and character building. In stark contrast is a theory that parent should adhere to an almost hyper controlled environment for at least seven days – establishing a predictability that will allow for the child to feel protected in a dependable setting. Dieting is no different – for every “new theory” explaining the metabolism stoking benefits of small, frequent meals, there is an equally compelling argument the intermittent fasting is the best evolutionary practice to keep the body guessing and firing optimally.

My head is swimming in these truths – while I attempt to try each on for size and work from a place of action instead of reaction. With each new dispatch though, I am enthusiastic, finding that when a compelling case has been made for one way or the other, I find myself climbing on board, though the honeymoon period can be very short lived. What is continually illuminated (in the harsh light of new information) is that my quest of mastery usually reveals acutely how far away from it I am. Sigh.

This means that I have to learn how to learn still. The good news is that I can easily find myself and once I have established that, I can meet myself right there and work outward from that spot. I am firmly somewhere in the middle, at times just treading water, but still a mappable place to be.


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