Being the low man on the totem pole

First of all, let me say that I couldn’t be happier with that position and secondly, it wasn’t always like that. When my daughter recently asked to have her birthday stretched out a few more days I helpfully explained that you only get one birthday per year and that is what made it so special. To which it was helpfully pointed out to me that in my youth I routinely celebrated my birthday for THE ENTIRE MONTH. Whoopsie.

As Mother’s Day approaches (this Sunday, folks!) we are bombarded with the message that as mothers we DESERVE this item or service or luxury. Put mom on a pedestal! She is the queen who reigns over it all! All I can think of is how tremendous a responsibility that seems to be and how I don’t particularly want that vantage point. I like where I am – at ground level. That isn’t to say I am treated like dirt, of course, but that I am well rooted and make up a foundation for my kids to build on – but I am guessing that notion sells far less necklaces and spa services this time of year. Here is the thing – being the low man on the totem pole is not glamourous, but hoisting your kids up is a privilege that I am embracing and I don’t need just one day to do that in.


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