The surprising upswing of a puking kid

Yesterday I was greeted with everyone’s favorite announcement: Big Sister had just thrown up. Conveniently, she’d done it on the pile of fresh, clean clothes I had recently delivered to her room. Oh, and on her carpet too. Now, I love scrubbing stomach acid, tuna fish, apples and cheese-it’s out of the carpet and creases of denim jeans, hoodies, socks and tees as much as the next guy, but doing it at dinner time when you were seconds away from wood-fired steaks is something else entirely. The good news is she only did that once more. After I cleaned everything and tucked her into a newly made bed, I set down a beach towel and a small garbage can within arm’s reach. She missed it by at least a foot the second time around.

The night continued with me sleeping on the floor of her room – my girls get clingy when they have the plaugue…and waking up every hour or two when she sat straight up in bed and shrieked “MOOOOOOOOOM”! I woke up totally unable to turn my head – but luckily that blocked out a great majority of things I didn’t want to see (mostly chores). She woke up on the mend and ready to tackle those chores best suited to days like today – reorganizing her bookshelves, her drawers, and a few cubbies while we chatted.

If she hadn’t been sick I would have likely continued to take my ability to view things panoramically for granted. I might have not made the time to declutter those bookshelves or wash all the bedlinens and most importantly, I wouldn’t have had the same one on one chance to sit with my girl and hear her talk unfiltered by her sister, or anything else. I have to say it was worth it, for me.


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