All the books I have neglected to read

The last time I went to the library I pulled another armload of books from the shelves. The subject ranged wildly but they were linked by the banner of being “New Releases”. Which I always find hopeful because of course, books still get published. I enjoy reading self-help books and as well as autobiographies and historical fiction and that trip netted several titles from each group, but one stood out in particular – a book gleaned from hours of podcast interviews with legends in business, physical endurance and other realms of fame. I opened the cover and immediately got to work.

Repeatedly, these titans of industry named impactful books they had read or routinely buy for others, and I was mildly surprised that I had not even heard of more than half of them. Just a few short years ago, books on Leadership, management, mentoring and training had become commonplace in our house as my husband prepared for a promotional opportunity – and I had taken the leap to read some in the hopes that I could apply them to parenting and everyday life. That practice was sidelined though, as the reading material snaked its way into more of a career-centered umbrella and I went back to my “own” reading.

This book that I picked up recently though reignited my interest into what I was missing, as I often skip over books of brand building and entrepreneurship as I am not currently building a company. Or so I thought. Every day, my actions and decisions are defining my “brand” and growing a family can easily benefit from the same principles that have proven successful for larger organizations. My question to you, dear readers, is this: what else am I missing? What books have you read that have had a lasting impact on you or someone you know that I should check out?


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