What your Mom really wants for Mother’s Day

I have heard a lot about the stress and strife over picking out a mother’s day gift lately. What to get a mother-in-law or a new mom or an empty-nest mom (which, by the way, there has to be a better term for), always rates high on the gift giving stress-o-meter. It really shouldn’t. Most moms all want the same thing: a day off.

The disclaimer is of course that “a day off means different things to different moms”. One mom might want the day off of work, while another may want a tranquilizer and the ability to shut the drapes for 24 hours with no judgement(this usually leans more toward the new-mom category who fail to sleep more than two hours per day), but we all want to not worry about our kids. If you no longer live with your mom, a phone call, a visit, or a text message (with accompanying photo so we can see you are alright) works wonders in letting us know that you are safe and sound and that you have in fact made it through another day.

Gain for the new moms – a “take-the-baby-off-my-hands” day or hour works exceptionally whereas if the kids are school aged (or almost) a day with them is fantastic – one of my very favorite Mother’s days was spent three deep in the guest bathroom applying face masques to my girls and then having them return the favor while my husband made us breakfast and chilled a champagne infusion…

Above all, moms worry about their kids and feel best when we know you aren’t troubled – so if you are stressing out on our behalf – please don’t, we love you just as you are and your presence is the best present we could have, of course. But, if you really must get us SOMETHING… and this is only a suggestion, of course, darling, please sit up straight and stop biting your nails…


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