It ended well

I mean, it’s not over yet, technically until midnight I guess, but today went well. Not without its hiccups of course, fumbling the alarm system six times in a row while resetting it for a friend, thunderstorms and hard rain while checking out at the grocery store with sandwiches for the kids’ teachers, low grade fever for the little one and a large amount of giraffe poo – it’s been a long day…

But at the end of it there was dinner al fresco made on a wood fire grill with laughing children who fell asleep moments later, their bellies full and their legs splayed out on the couches just steps inside from where we sat before and a warm shower and a safe home and the feeling you get when you trust that something wonderful might just be peeking around the next corner. I am grateful and tired and hopeful all at once as I write this tonight – something I felt far from just a few days ago and I want you to know that if you are reading this I appreciate it and your good vibes and well wishes so incredibly much.


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