Lies the weather channel told me

I saw the blob. It was green and large and looming over the entire southern tip of Florida. There was yellow and orange and even some impressive red swirls. There should have been rain – and LOTS of it. I skipped my early morning walk – didn’t want to have to drag the dog out in that kind of weather. We put off our outside project – hard to make all those cuts and transfer lumber in the driving rain that would be coming…I tucked Little Sister back into bed – she was fighting off sniffles and a sore throat and her fever hadn’t subsided 24 hours yet. Today would be a perfect day to start a big pot of spicy Sicilian chicken soup and maybe hunker down with a few magazines or a book. Well, according to the weather channel.

What actually happened was full sunlight and 98 percent humidity. What actually happened was a lot of work in the back yard but at an expedited pace. What actually happened was Mrs. Take a year and her sweat pants and reading was replaced by actual sweating and sawdust and generally smelling like all the worst parts of owning a hamster(what lady doesn’t like THAT?!). Progress happened. And learning and laughter that comes after a sharp realization or two or three. Then, mercifully, after the tools were put away and the project of the day was complete and I took a shower and got into those sweats, the rain came.


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