It’s almost been a year

It’s May. Wow. Already? Yes.

The school year is creeping to a close, summer is on the horizon and crazily enough, I just might meet my goal of writing every day for a year here. I’m not sure exactly what I expected when I took this on but I am grateful that I did. I learned more about what I was missing right in front of me when I started really paying attention to what happened each day – mining it for the takeaway yielded more material that I could have imagined (even if the post of the day was only a few hundred words). I have routinely categorized the years that pass by what I thought was a normal measure (broad strokes) but I have found that when I take the time to notice the details, my life has become so much bigger that just my role in it.

I have just shy of two months left on this blog-a-day project and I intend to do my best to capture the days as they go by and the memories that surface during them to remember what a year can do with a person. My transformation has been subtle; I don’t have the glory of a massive change that can be photographed, but I FEEL different, in a very good way. Maybe that is what therapy does for you – gives you the time and space to name your feelings, fears and dreams so that you can tackle them one by one. Here we go again, a new month, with limitless possibilities where I have learned to remain open.


3 thoughts on “It’s almost been a year

  1. Hard to believe that it’s almost a full year for you. I’m just wondering what you intend to do once the year is up. Your blog name suggests only ‘one year’, but is that going to be it? Have you sat yourself down and considered whether you’d like to continue or will you just quit cold turkey? I’d really miss your daily posts as I so look forward to them. 😦 🙂

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