Doing something

I want to do big things. Write and publish a book. Cook nutritious and delicious dinners at home every night for a year. Stop using the F word. My goals are lofty and shocker! I don’t always meet them.
I have written at length (and thought about too many times to count) about how soul crushing it is to fail at meeting goals and how micro goals add up to bigger ones. Then I put those micro goals in to play for a while and they drop off and fade away, leaving me with whatever BIG DEAL I was at first unable to hurdle over.

This morning though, I saw it work out very differently. At the kids’ school there is an organization that a vast majority gives the stink-eye to (I don’t want to name names but it rhymes with Z-3-flow – though I think they call it a PTA up north). They needed help today for a cause that I was completely willing to support (teacher appreciation) and I truly wanted to help. I didn’t want to commit to being there all day, but I could at the very least ask a few other parents to join me as I helped out and in the end about twelve people came to help out because everyone that had heard about it from various sources decided to pitch in. A task that could have taken hours and burnt one or two volunteers out was completed in less than one with all hands on deck.

Which had me thinking about my own goals and what has stood in my way (spoiler: me. Weird how personal responsibility always begins and ends with the person…). I thought about how I need to disconnect form trapping behaviors that keep me endlessly “busy” but rarely productive and focus on the small incremental changes I can make each day to get me to where I want to be. I like big goals, but I need to do a little something every day to tackle them.


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