Everything around me looked like tinder. Not the new age dating app but literal fire starting materials. Grass, plants, and the sticks that used to be shrubs – it all looked nearly dead, strangled as it were by a severe lack of rain. Those April showers we usually have somehow took a wrong turn and watered north of Florida and west of us too, skipping us almost entirely.

This morning though, I woke up to a beautiful sound. Lie. I woke up to a whining dog and children running as the squealed their desire to go bike riding immediately if not sooner. But when I let the dog out, I awoke to the most beautiful sound…rain.

Rain on trees, on the plants and on puddles of self -pooling in spots because it had been going on for a while – and I was filled with hope. The gardenias opened, the hibiscus bloomed, and the frangipanis pushed buds forward once again. The dog ran near instantly muddy tracks in the yard and I didn’t even object – that is how bad we have needed the rain.

In a few days, landscapes all around will react to the watering, recommitting to do their best and life will reach forward with an open palm in more ways than one. We sat out the bike riding, in turn favoring homework, then video games and later board games and even instruments. Rain has a way of giving us all permission to stay inside and meander through our choices, whereas sunshine seems to propel us towards what actions we should take that will yield the most noticeable results around here. Creativity and out of the box thinking unfurled as a means for initiating new ways to begin entertaining ourselves with the fleeting respite of “good” weather.

It’s funny to think that at different times of my life I saw rainy days as a hindrance – a way of rendering me unable to do something measurable or significant and how trapped I decided I was by it. When I shifted my thinking though – considering it not a time out but a time in, everything changed, including what it meant to spend a day somewhat shaped by it. My drought it seems was in my old paradigm, not the weather.


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