The Lady will Lunch, thank you.


My favorite kind of date hands down is a lunch date. In my country club hostessing days it was one of my favorite and also dreaded times of my day. (Dreaded only because I had the constant worry of missing a call while walking to a table, or had to stop a project in order to move out to the remote hostess desk). I loved facilitating business lunches best  and being a friendly face to greet people who were nervously awaiting the company of titans of industry and at times, their personal heroes.


Now, I am up for Italian subs eaten as they drip with house made vinaigrette onto wax lined butcher paper in the front seat of a car in a parking garage as much as the next girl, but there is something about shuffling into a bistro table or shellacked high top without the maddening dinner dining crew that I simply love. As a kid, anytime I was taken to lunch, I would leisurely begin reading or sometimes just pretend to read the entire menu before ordering a chicken Caesar salad and a Shirley Temple (still the best drink invented in my humble opinion). These days, I want to know what the servers eat in house as they are usually the people with the most intimate knowledge of the menu.


Lunch in our house, especially since the girls are usually in school, tends to have basics in rotation: sandwiches, salads and if I am ill equipped, sandwiches ordered out from the deli with the occasional spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s (hold the mayo and tomato, please). There is a theme and that theme is sandwiches. A lunch out though is a chance to uncover yet another way to cook chicken or if you are throwing myfitnesspal to the wind, a chance to eat wings that you didn’t even have to submerge in hot oil. (I should probably pretend that I only eat whole foods, carefully cultivated and such, but my reality is that lunches out are usually a splurge and I have adopted a firm philosophy of ordering things I don’t usually make in my own kitchen). Typically, you can order indulgently and enjoy every bite of it then simmer down on the rest of your meals and if by chance, in the worst case scenario, the lunch is a total bust – then you can always demonstrate your culinary prowess with a redeeming homemade dinner.



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