In Real Life


You will fall apart a lot. And that is okay as long as you get yourself together and keep going. That sounds like a placating blanket statement when you are in between a rock and a hard place (and I swear I know this intimately). You can be positive (or at the very least project a positive attitude) and drive out fear by expanding all the hope that you can possibly muster and then something as innocuous as one shift in your paradigm will occur and you will fall apart. Notice how I said YOU. Because truly “it” doesn’t fall apart. You do, I do, and we all do.


In a filter it can look perfect, or at least very well put together. With the right caption, a friend’s heartache or a parent’s suffering seems less real somehow or shiny in a way that seems like it is a beacon of some sort for others; a teaching tool for us all. That doesn’t translate to real life. In Real Life it’s complicated and people are messy, but we have to keep trying. Our job is to be as kind as we possibly can for as long as we possibly can as often as we possibly can.





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