Who moved my cheese, my notes, my phone and my patience?

A funny thing happened today (and I don’t mean funny Ha Ha). I went to the notes section of my phone where I write critical life altering declarations as well as grocery lists and other minutiae that flittered across my brain at convenient times like 2:00am when I have the nightmare that I got hit by a bus (see note: PAY ATTENTION IN CROSSWALKS!!!!). When I opened the notes section today I found declarations such as “I luuuuv candy” with a bunch of emojis and “I wish I were a unicorn” also emojied. While both are my own personal truths, it is doubtful that I owned up to either or that those were the last two prevailing thoughts I made the time to write down. 

A few days weeks ago, a similar thing happened when I went to play Pandora and I had exactly three radio stations saved: Despicable Me Radio, Kidz Bop Radio and The Chainsmokers Radio. Gone was my motley though beloved collection of Sade Radio, Dave Matthews Band Radio and Old Skool Gangsta Rap Radio. Coincidentally, I had recently lent my phone to Big Sister shortly before both tragedies occurred. 

Luckily, I quick Google search spelled out the steps to retrieve notes and radio stations alike, though I am pretty sure the cheese disappeared from my plate because I stress-ate it. 


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