Monday morning

Some Mondays you will wake up ready for a brand new week. It will be the very first moments to reflect on all the things you can master, how you will go boldly out into the world, spreading a message of unity and hope wherever you might go. Some mornings you will wake up to a sniffy stuffy six year who catapults herself into your room, where you lie next to your husband, both a little sunburned and achy from the day before where at 5:00 a.m. she announces she is likely too sick to go to school. She will then take a long hot shower (in your bathroom, naturally) and go back to bed (or watch tv) before reemerging two hours later in tears saying she needs another shower because she feels like she is going to throw up. At this point, with lunches to pack and a dog who will likely need to be let out to pee you will get up and put of bed and upon entering the living room and stepping over the area rug, discover that the dog who wouldn’t release the little blocks of wood he found yesterday has thrown up in two separate locations, including part of the way on the drapes. Sometimes, if you are quite skilled you wake up on a Monday morning to both of these realities. And it is still up to you to decide how exactly you will proceed.


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