High heels

I have yet to master the art of prancing around fancy free in a pair of really high heels. On my best day I can do a great impression of a just born baby giraffe and if my husband walks very S-L-O-W-L-Y my gait is not so terribly pronounced that you would stare or anything. I’ll bet you don’t even have to ask if this persuades me to stick to flats – but for the record it does not.

I remember going into my Nana’s house at a very young age and carefully taking our pair after pair of her shoes from their individual storage boxes, then slipping them one and attempting to walk as quickly as I could in them. I toppled over more than once, but when I made it any length without injury I was euphoric. I still feel that way now.

Last night I wore the highest heels I have bought in a long time and thought for at least a half a second about not wearing them. I would be safer in flats and such, but when I first laid eyes on the pair I bought I couldn’t turn away. So I wore them, and I stepped tiny steps up to the country club last night for the event, with a steady arm at my side while avoiding all the pitfalls – which I gotta say isn’t a bad way to sail through an evening.


3 thoughts on “High heels

  1. I’ve always wanted to be able to wear heels, of any height. But due to my being vertically challenged and the fact that I have no sense of balance, I wouldn’t dare even try to wear them. I’ve been known to sprain my ankles in mid-air. I’ve just heard good news today that the office dress code of British Columbia has been changed and it is no longer mandatory to wear heels. I’m certain that there’s a great number of women that are currently rejoicing. 😉

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  2. I am a woman who loves a good pair of flats they just makes sense in my profession. However, I do own two pair of killer heels for date nights and special occasion and am always amazed I can walk in them at a normal pace without falling on my face.

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