That Antiseptic mouthwash and vinegar foot soak…

I saw a viral video of a DIY footbath that claimed to give you baby soft feet in under ten minutes with three ingredients you probably have in the house. I will continually maintain that although there are many things that you know will change when you shift to a stay at home mom, I hadn’t given any thought to how it would affect my feet. Walking around on tile all day shoeless of course took a toll on my once weekly-pedicured feet and before too long I had a sturdy pair of hooves (which sounds horrible and decidedly un-feminine, but is the truth none the less). I was in need of an intervention.

The recipe and set up was simple: 1c. Listerine, 1 c. white vinegar and 2 c. warm water: mix and submerge feet for ten minutes then rinse off and wipe dry. If you are thinking that it probably smells weird – I would tell you that you are right. If you are thinking that it probably wouldn’t work – I would tell you that you are wrong. Ten minutes later and the soles of my feet were incredibly soft and smooth – yielding results better than any pedicure I have ever had. However, I must warn you that if you wanted the satisfaction of seeing the dead skin slough off you won’t see it (I didn’t anyway) and with your new delicate feet you will need to take extra precautions when walking around on rough surfaces that didn’t faze your previous callouses!


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