Sandy bottoms

This week has been brutal. Which I guess is saying something about me and how I am not doing it right – because life is beautiful and its never a bad thing if you are living in the now at this precise second… But, as a whole lot of perfect instants added all up together – it came off the rails. We needed to buckle down and get serious and work hard and pay attention, which is exactly why we spent the next three hours doing none of that at the beach.

Because sometimes you need to not say much of anything for a whole car ride and then say whatever is on your mind as waves crash over each other in competition for most awe-inspiring moment in time. Sometimes you need to turn off you thinking cap and see two long limbed bodies thrash around into the surf hurling them toward what they admire and appreciate. Sometimes you need to look over at your blanket mate (the blanket he bought in army green that you thought you might never use but has accompanied you every time you hit the beach since then) and think back to how on this very day, eighteen years ago he asked you to date him exclusively and you laughed because that was the only thing you had ever wanted to do since you saw his face.

I can’t pretend that life is perfect all the time. Personally, I am full of self-doubt and all other sorts of fun party tricks of that variety but I see perfect at the beach. And I hear it and I smell it and if we stop at Checkers on the way home and get the fries I even taste perfect…

Of course when we pull back into our driveway, some of the magic is lost. This usually coincides with noticing ALL THE SAND all over the car or piling up the massive beach towels (and that blanket!) that need to be washed and combing sand out of slightly dreadlocked hair. But for that brief span of time it all makes sense, just like it did today.


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