Inch closer

We all want to make a big impact – on the lives of our children, or the betterment of the environment or in our home. Wherever we go we want to see the results of having been there in a positive way. I used to think that was done with grand flourish and sweeping gestures, but as it turns out, I was very wrong about that. Having a large scale impact is not usually done in tens of miles, it’s accomplished in inches. Showing up to love someone is easy to do amidst fanfare and flying cross-country; those large-scale movements come with sacrifice and expense and notoriety. But picking up the phone every time you hear it ring for you, or dropping a letter in the mailbox as a physical embodiment of friendship carries a warmth that can only exist in a slow burn. I am going to work harder on inching closer – on being there in small ways over and over and over again in all the ways that I can; but most importantly in giving my undivided attention to those I love, because that, I have found, is the most extravagant gift I have ever been given and it makes sense to pay it forward.


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