Take me out to the ballgame

Today we are going to a spring training game and I couldn’t be more excited. It falls on the last day of our kids’ spring break and what better way to welcome in the season than with a little baseball? I have to admit that I have never been as into baseball as I am with football (and that is limited compared to some die-hard fans) but I love the trappings of the sport – the fresh cut grass, the chattering of the fans, the sunflower seed and peanut shells everywhere…you get my drift. We are lucky enough to have a stadium nearby and even luckier still to be gifted with the opportunity to go to a game (you know who you are and I thank you!!) as guests.

I remember playing tee ball for a brief moment in life but I was more of an outfielder amassing wildflowers than assisting the team in anything beneficial (I spent a lot of time on the bench, and I was not even bummed about it). My adult foray into the sport was limited to cheering my husband on when he was in a rec league for a little while and of course, my own experience as chronicled on the blog when I took a baseball to the face… But I have enjoyed the sport at times of great public interest (I am talking about you, last season’s world series games!!) and I have never met a giant bag of cotton candy, fluorescent blue snow-cone or upside down mini batting hat filled with soft-serve that I didn’t welcome with open arms.

Today is cool and sunny with the slightest breeze and we have plans that don’t involve a screw gun, it’s a beautiful thing!


3 thoughts on “Take me out to the ballgame

  1. Lucky you! I❤⚾️!! Enjoy your day… you forgot to mention the 7th inning stretch and singing “Take me out to the ballgame” (one of MY favorite parts 😉) then treat yourself to the game watching essentials; peanuts, popcorn, crackerjacks, a hot dog & a BEER! 👍

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