Curse o the computer

You know what is funny? When you write a blogpost about how you couldn’t write a blog post because everything was going wrong with your computer. (But wait! There’ s more!!) Then you post that post about how you almost couldn’t post but it ends up getting sent as a blank document…Now that is a fun time. Long story short, one of my schmoopies (what I call my kids when they are being absolute angels or the complete opposite) deleted my WordPress login and administrative rights accidently while also scheduling a computer update for 8:00 pm tonight (coincidentally the first chance I have gotten to write). Sigh. I wrote about how I was feeling less of the blessed Irish clan and more of the cursed Irish clan on this fine St. Patty’s day and then I closed with a mildly clever riff on an Irish blessing (about the wind at your back and sun on your face and all those things). I am going to Erin Go Ta bed now before I add to this fiasco. Curse o the computer, indeed…


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