Music is my plus one

There is a fantastic quote that states “you are responsible for the energy you bring into the room”. I love this quote and I try to remember it every time I feel the balance of a situation shifting once I come on scene. However, it’s sort of wrong. MY MUSIC is responsible for the energy I bring into the room and I am thinking other music lovers will agree.

I know that meditation is important – that you should sit quietly and be still for at least ten minutes a day with only your thoughts. But I can’t help but want a teeny tiny soundtrack to supplement the silence. Maybe some soft “Pure Moods” or a little chanting over light percussion? I feel like music makes everything better.

When there is some awful task to do, the right soundtrack quickly changes everything for me. Yesterday Pharrell sang as I painted deck boards and today as I cleaned out my closet Stevie Wonder kept me on track. (I usually listen to a channel called Beach Bar Lounge while I write but tonight I am going with Show tunes – I am never genre loyal). Running? I think we can all agree running calls for old school rap, unless I am really dragging and then it goes straight to Rage against the Machine which truthfully scares me into going faster or longer…

Which makes me wonder, dear readers, what is your go-to pick me up song? I am always looking to expand my repertoire.


3 thoughts on “Music is my plus one

  1. I love me some pure moods with my essential oils in my diffuser (in my classroom) until newbs asked me to “turn off the creepy sounding music”. Of course Tupac while coming home from a crap day, country on a Saturday afternoon, and 80s on the treadmill.

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  2. Amen! Tempers were flaring in my house the other day… both mine and the kids. Everyone was having a meltdown and stomping around and crying. On days like that, when there’s no help in sight, I’m often left with the decision to run away and never return or crank up the tunes and dance. Our number one go-to right now is Can’t Stop the Feeling by my homeboy JT, but this day we were all so beyond saving, I opted for the Christian station on Amazon Music. Most of the songs have a great beat and for me it softens my heart and calms my soul enough to remember that those little tantrum-throwing bergens are my greatest blessings. For realz.

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  3. I love jazz think John Coltrane on the commute to work , anything with a fierce beat on my runs but somewhere in the loop is always Beyoncé Run the World (Girls), cleaning days the oldies but Good station and on my garden days just Mother Nature 🙂


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