Comfort Food

I love a well-crafted dessert as much as the next girl who has ever had access to a pastry chef (let the record reflect that I typed the menus for the pastry chefs of my past, not employed them…). There were the standards of course; cheesecakes and chocolate flourless cakes and key lime pies to cry over. Then there was the avant-garde woman who made a white cake with mascarpone topping and crowned it with a pink sugared pane and crushed pink peppercorns (if anyone offers you this, try it) who didn’t last very long catering to a crowd that routine ordered crème brulee or a scoop of buttered pecan ice cream. Sometimes a nearly frozen plate would be at my desk after a very long night with delicately ganache and gold leaf flaked petit four treasures that belonged at a tea party for Alice in Wonderland and were nearly too beautiful to eat (though I ate them). I loved every bit of the magic of dessert and I would happily test it anything that came my way no matter the point in the day that it appeared. My comfort food can be boiled down to one thing; sugar.

I know it’s the enemy and I am supposed to resist but it seems unreasonable to me that I cannot spend my daily caloric allotment on Swedish fish and gummy bears (why? why is the world so cruel?). When I was eating a Whole30 plan I grew accustomed to cutting sugar out of my life almost entirely and my coffee hour (my commute into work) switched from a frothy, dreamy, caramel confection to a black coffee occasionally lightened with unsweetened coconut or cashew milk and the craziest part is that I got used to it. Eating a lot (or even a normal amount really) of sugar wears on me – quite literally in fact – on my face first – I almost immediately start flushing followed by breakouts and then my body by way of guaranteed weight gain (I sound incredibly beautiful with these descriptions). The worst part of consuming it though is how insatiable I become for it. This of course means I have to cut back.

The good news is I don’t want the sugar free version of much. Why would anyone want low sugar yogurt when a product like Dannon Sprinklins was invented? (Not sure this is still a thing but in the 90’s you could buy packages of vanilla yogurt and mix in sprinkles…if you can’t still buy them I would recommend getting those two ingredients and making that happen). When I am paying attention to how much sugar I am eating (I become incredibly alarmed and stop eating it so much of it and) I stick to these crazy things called vegetables and unsalted nuts and lean protein (yawn).

I am about to get a little uncomfortable…because my comfort foods aren’t exactly soothing me anymore and my sugar high crashes pretty quickly. I am going to avoid a daily post about it but I will check back in in this in 21 days (the amount of time it takes to establish a habit) and report on what changes if any have been made. If, over the next three weeks, my posts range from “EVERYTHING IS BUGGING ME” to “WHY ARE ALL PEOPLE JERKS?!” you will know I am just weaning off the sugar…


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