I recall it differently…

Listening to the kids recount the day to their Dad tonight made me wonder if they were even with me today. Yes, things they said that we did overlapped with what I recall doing but gone were the fights, tears and irritations that I wished had never made an appearance today. In its place gleamed a highlight reel that made the day seem like THE BEST DAY EVER.

I guess we all do that to some extent and I am certainly guilty of recalling things differently than other people who were right there beside me. I have long stood accused of seeing things through rose colored lenses and I won’t deny that either… I don’t want to. I hope that I always save the good and keep those filed away, choosing to learn from the harsher moments in life and hold onto to the lesson only, not any painful memories that it grew from. I am going to go snuggle with my Pollyannas and make the most of this perfectly remembered day while that is still the narrative.


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