Today was a unicorn

I just needed a DAY, you know? Where everything seemed to be okay – smooth for us all and I couldn’t seem to catch it though I had imagined it falling into place. Today I got it and it was sweet. It all amounted to saying yes.

The girls wanted to get out the door early for school but we were going to be there before the gates opened…said yes, and they each ran into a friend a walked away cheerily. School zone traffic was basically a parking lot, too bad I couldn’t leave my car in the parking lot, run home, get the dog and take him for a walk and then a car ride…Oh, but I could. And I did. Yes to a workout (no to quitting it after the dips and pushups and ab work…). Yes to running the errands that will make the weekend easier. Yes to a park playdate. Yes to frozen yogurt after the park. Yes to treasure hunting and popcorn and a movie. Yes. Yes. Yes.

There are of course, plenty of times I say no in the best interest of the family. Today I was able to say a lot of yeses which enabled a lot of joy. (Also, scraped knees and the occasionally sobbing bout, but that is life around here…). I didn’t see it coming but man, did I need it and I am beyond thankful for today.


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