Switching tactics

I started circuit training again today – it has been far too long since I put on workout gear and I dread telling you that my size mediums have somehow turned into extra smalls…Sometimes I have a super strong resolve and other times I have pizza. But the inconsistency has resulted in putting on weight for one and feeling stuck, ugh.

The focus of course is not the size of pants but the considerable discomfort I feel when slipping on clothes turns into pulling, tugging and yanking on clothes. Though I have only been blogging for eight months I have addressed this at least eight times and I hate repeating myself (just ask my kids!).
Peripherally I “get” that I have to commit every day to making good choices and staying healthy but I sabotage myself and call it “busy”.

Today, I dropped the kids off at school, intentionally leaving my pocketbook at home so I couldn’t run errands and looped back after I was almost to the grocery store (habit – I try to map out dinner as early as possible). Our dog looked on expectantly as he saw me in running shoes and a headband but I put that out of my mind too (I know all too well how a quick walk with the dog morphs into starting chores and never gets back to really working out).

I got out into the garage and saw the computer staring back at me, reminding me that I had work to do, but I went ahead and packed my thirty minutes with a circuit that left me sweaty, breathless and spent. I am still a little sore from running yesterday (my first 5k in quite some time) but I didn’t let that become an excuse either. The writing will get done, the dog will get walked and I will have dinner on the table before 5:30 tonight. This morning I didn’t plan it, or hesitate, I got out and did the work. I get lost pretty easily in “trying to get to the root” of why I keep ebbing and flowing, but the truth remains the same; ultimately I have to make it a priority and commit to doing what I know I need to do in order to get where I feel good. So here I go again…


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