Today was the last day of winter soccer, the kids will be off for a month and then spring session will begin. The practice was shortened and the game started quickly because, it seems, there was something far more important to get to. There were trophies…

And everyone got one.

Which is good I guess, or maybe not.

My question is this – is it a good thing to give everyone a trophy for participating? Does that take anything away from the thrill of the sport? If there is no MVP spot to work for does the commitment stay the same to improve? Am I overthinking this entirely? As this is new for me I would love any and all feedback you might have from your own life experiences in this arena.


One thought on “Trophies

  1. You raise some great questions and as a clinical therapist who works primary with children and young adults my short and maybe surprising answer is NO all kids should or not receive a trophy.Its bad for preparation for life Think about it a kid always gets a trophy for doing nothing how is that preparing them for life. In life there are ups and downs kids need to learn that in life you don’t always get a medal and if kids are used to getting a medal what will happen if they don’t get a medal let me just say I see the answer to that question….

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