End of the road

Part 5 of 5

Friday was my last full day of essential oil testing and I was feeling a little bummed to be giving it all back. There was safety in knowing that with a few drops of this or a sprinkling of that I could change my mood, or even greater, my destiny. That seems like a grand statement but that is exactly how I felt after my trial. You can read the first four parts here A 10 day experience in just 5 days Do all things well, with a happy heart and just a few essential oils For best results: don’t underdo it, don’t overdo it, do it as directed Somewhat Spared.

I learned a lot about the company and the products during my review of them (there are vast groups and forums built to discuss both how life changing the products and company can be, as well as plenty of space for the opposition to express their opinions). Like so many other reviews available online, there were passionate cases from both the most pleased customers and the most disenfranchised. I also learned a great deal about blogging and product review including the correct terminology for this very type of post (it was #sponsored as I was given product to review – #ad would mean that I was getting something in addition to the trial) which I graciously learned about from my favorite Blogging Yoda and all around Domestic Goddess, The Kitchen Prep from The Kitchen Prep Blog.

In the essence of brevity, let me get straight to the point; I loved specific items from this collection. The price tag, when broken down for use of product once a day over the course of a year amounts to less than fifty cents a day. That cost per use is one that I would personally be able to justify either spending or saving for in order to reap the benefits of the oils. Overall, while using them I felt the immediate benefits of my self-care, taking the time to mix a dink or apply a hair treatment or mask had a chain reaction of me being more gentle not only with myself but with others. A drawback to most scents in my family is that I am surrounded by refined “nasal palates” that seem to be well trained in sniffing out unsavory additives in almost anything. I had previously purchased what was marked as oil “made with lavender oil” and both of the girls remarked that it smelled like a chemical. There were no comments like that in using these products. The girls and I all enjoyed the soothing sound of the diffuser, though if I were to purchase it directly I would choose a light color other than blue in an effort to promote sleep.

There are multiple products that are available for purchase but not included in the kit that are very appealing to me and I feel confident that Thieves cleaner and Lavender oil will not wear out their welcome in this house anytime soon. It would be my recommendation that if you were going to start your own essential oil journey, an easy entry point would be with those two products. If you would like to purchase any of the products that I reviewed, my friend’s direct link is Young Living  with the sponsor and enroller id’s of 3459388 and whatever you chose to do, I wish you the best of health along the way!


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