Somewhat Spared

Part 4 of 5

The first three parts of this journey can be read here:

A 10 day experience in just 5 days Do all things well, with a happy heart and just a few essential oils For best results: don’t underdo it, don’t overdo it, do it as directed

The bug hit and it hit hard. Perhaps, if I hadn’t been diffusing it would have lingered and slowly gained steam over the course of days, but I didn’t escape it. On Thursday morning I was feeling awful. My husband and I holed up in the cool, dark and quiet house – both girls were feeling fine and went off to school – and we emerged as wild animals do, only to hunt for takeout menus to feed our young.

I remembered a product that I used to use when I was pregnant and always nauseous – a peppermint oil blend that kept me focused on something other than my near constant motion sickness and raced to my starter kit. Like a combat paramedic, I quickly tore through my materials and applied peppermint oil directly to my wrists. There was a slight tingling factor – which also took my mind off my sickness and I brightened at the relief from my stomach churning. After I put the kids to sleep, as I had since Tuesday, I did a whole body application of the “Three minute facial” and started to feel among the living again at bedtime.

I felt a little sad almost at the notion that I would only have the starter kit for one more full day –  the same emptying way you feel when you know there is only one day of vacation left – and I could see how comforting it would be to have a combination of elixirs on hand to cure any ailment that might arise. I was positively hooked on the cleaning spray and had grown to really love the soft scent that was left behind on the sheets after sleeping with a bit of lavender on, though I have to admit I was changing sheets quite a bit to ward off the spread of germs around here. I had one day left before I would be surrendering the goods, and then, like Cinderella at midnight, I would be expected to go back to the way things were before…


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