For best results: don’t underdo it, don’t overdo it, do it as directed

Part 3 of 5

Day two rolled around and I should have been on the therapeutic grade oil high of all things essential oil. My hair was shiny, my kitchen was gleaming and after an application of the mixture I made of 3 drops of Stress Away™ and 6 drops Lavender – my kids had slept twelve straight hours. However, I had neglected to apply the same oils to the soles of my own feet, I skipped the diffuser after my husband made the comment on the sound and his slight cold had turned into a nasty chest congestion and total sinus blockage. I was less than well rested to say the least.

I powered through the morning though, and added R.C.™ which boasted the following description: Essential Oil is a powerful blend of Spruce, Cyprus, and three types of Eucalyptus oils (E. globulus, E. radiata, and E. citriodora) as well as Purification, a combination of Citronella, Lavandin, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Myrtle, and Tea Tree that promised to work together harmoniously to create “ a refreshing, bright scent that keeps you and your family happy and comfortable”. That sounded pretty sweet to me. By day, I had that combination pumping through our bedroom where my husband tried to catch up on some sleep and in the evening I moved the diffuser to big sister’s room to ward off the sickness.

I was seriously dragging by the end of the evening – (a second day of almost unrelenting rain) and drank a glass of cold water with four drops of the lemon essential oil – thinking that if two were good then four would be even better. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS. Two drops were perfect and verdant, reminding me not only of juicy, ripe lemons but their delicate blossoms and the dark green leaves that surround them on trees. Four drops will nearly burn your taste buds off.

This brings me to something I should have mentioned right from the start. The price of the kit after shipping and tax and all that jazz is about $180.00. That seems like an extravagant price tag however, when a recipe or diffuser calls for two or three drops of an item – that is really all you need. And I don’t mean “need” as in “you can possibly get away with just this little bit” I mean that it works to its full capacity with this amount. I would imagine that each tiny jar lasts a very long time and I can attest that the two I purchased previously (Thieves and Lavender) have lasted with regular applications for months and are more than half-full (and I don’t just mean that optimistically).

If you thought that eliminating my taste buds kept me from eating a huge plate of spaghetti rigate with sausage-parmesan meatballs… you would be totally right. Though I am sure that wasn’t the intended purpose – it worked for me personally. Again, I used the thieves cleaner after dinner and I have to say in all honesty I didn’t think it would hold up to grease splatters (I pan fry the meatballs) on the glass stove top. Not only did it completely cut through the grease in one pass, it also knocked out the lingering garlic smell that I personally love (though it can be offensive to others) that usually is a byproduct of Italian night at our house. I was going to try to diffuse purification in the kitchen after cooking by truthfully, there was no need for it.

Before bed I sprayed my hair with the Mermaid hair spray I used yesterday Do all things well, with a happy heart and just a few essential oils and I did the girls’ hair as well. They have wildly different hair types but fly-aways were tamed on three of our heads and once again, the combination of Stress Away™ and Lavender was applied to their feet before bed resulting in deep sleep. For the record, the kids have always been good sleepers – so results may vary, but they both smelled incredible and fell asleep quickly both nights.

Little did I know as I tucked the girls in and waited for the tooth fairy to make an appearance (last first lost tooth in this house!) I would spend some quality time vomiting directly into the kitchen sink a mere few hours later…


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