A 10 day experience in just 5 days

Part 1 of 5 – the disclaimer

I have always wondered what exactly a #ad amounts to. When celebrities get a gig like that what do they take home? A free product (a benefit that can vary greatly depending on if they are reviewing a new flavor of chewing gum or a new Tesla, I suppose)? Maybe they earn a flat fee or a percentage of units sold…Do they get dollars per uptick in website traffic? I’d be willing to bet that they get some variation of all of the above.

From a business standpoint, it makes sense for a celebrity with 6 million followers to have a product put into their hands that will be seen and thus be put on the radar of so many other people. But for the average person, who delights over the free sample kiosk at wholesale stores, it seems a little unfair. This is why, although I am reviewing a product – I declined any sort swag in exchange for my experience. I know that in the grand scheme of blogging for profit that is counterintuitive. This is exactly why I am not in sales; my general stance is that whatever it is that someone is selling – you probably don’t need. Shifting the paradigm though creates the opportunity to see that there are things you don’t necessarily need, though they make life a little more enjoyable. Enter Young Living Oils. According to their website; “Through the painstaking steps of our proprietary Seed to Seal production process, we produce the best, most authentic essential oils in the world. We are committed to providing pure, powerful products for every family and lifestyle, all infused with the life-changing benefits of our essential oils”.

I first heard of the products in a GOOP column when the Thieves Essential oil was mentioned. Coincidentally my good friend had just started working with the Young Living Company and was having a “happy oiler” party. In all honesty, though my mom herself was a one-time “Avon lady”, I am inherently skeptical of Direct Sales as a whole and Multi-Level Marketing as a business practice. I reaped the benefits of my mom working for Avon, routinely sprinkling shimmery Imari talcum powder on myself after taking a signature Sensitive Skin bubbled bath. My mom bought products that we loved at a reduced rate but I don’t recall her getting a pink Cadillac (Okay, so that is Mary Kay, but you know what I mean). It’s complicated. As such, this is not a review of the business or the opportunities that come with joining the team. I am reviewing the products alone based on personal use of the items supplied to me to see if they hold up to their descriptions (which are heavenly).

As a somewhat money-saving kind of girl, I get the reluctance to pay more than say, Walmart, charges for a given item, but as a conscious consumer and small business supporter I am ambivalent of the practice I know is employed to get that “lowest price, guaranteed”. I also know the sting of buying a lesser product for less money that provides a low quality experience. If you want to do your own scientific study of this, I would recommend going to the dollar store and buying a bottle of “perfume” that’s name starts with “if you like…” for example “if you like Calvin Klein’s Eternity, try Josef Klutzel’s Forever and Ever”. Once this is acquired, purchase a bottle of actual Eternity and then see which one you like the best. “Forever and Ever” might be more your style. Or, wearing Eternity may delight you in a way that makes every other thing you do that day seem more beautiful. (Side bar, my older sister wore Eternity exclusively when it first came out and I can sniff out the real thing and it’s Imposter 101 a mile away).

Over a five day period I will be reviewing the Young Living Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop adhering to the “10 day Starter Kit Challenge” and using the oils as suggested. This project dovetails nicely as the current state of the Take-a-years includes picking up germs that have some of us sneezing, coughing and grouchy. This has resulted in a need to clean all surfaces as well as a desire to eradicate the overall stress, muscle soreness, sleeplessness and subsequent grogginess it has brought on. (If we don’t sound like a super fun bunch, I don’t know who does)! What happens when I apply the oils, fire up the diffuser, soak my muscles, spray the countertops and drink the Kool-aide (okay, it’s nowhere near Kool-aide, it is cold water in a glass with a few drops of lemon essential oil, but you get my drift)? Over the next five days we will both find out.


2 thoughts on “A 10 day experience in just 5 days

  1. I’m interested to read your reviews. There are some nasty bugs going around right now… flu, strep, stomach bug, mumps (YES. MUMPS!) Our household, as paranoid-freaky-germ-busting as we are… we got 3 out of 4 of those. I try to make my own oil concoctions, but would love a one step, premix, super ninja-warrior oil because I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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