The perfect summation of the day

A long time ago, a friend of mine (hey Coco!) wrote a Facebook post that stated: This day is done and I am done with this day. I couldn’t have loved it more as it captured exactly how I felt about that twilit what-even-happened-today-and-what-am-I-doing-with-my-life mode I was in. Also, it suits me well today.

I started this blog selfishly (as far as writing all your thoughts and cataloging them goes) to get out of my head (tis a long and winding road in there) and to get in the habit of writing every day. I figured if I made it a habit I would, eventually, get better at writing and clear the way for all that brilliance I know is locked in the vault to breakthrough. Blogosphere, AMIRIGHT?! But there was an element of service to it too. I wanted other people who stumbled upon it and felt the way I felt or sometimes thought the way I think to see that they are not alone. Because I can be a little crazy at times and crazy island, though never boring, can be a little lonely.

I make mistakes and take wrong turns and I am overcritical of myself while I am doing it all (while giving the widest of berths to anyone else I encounter). That is not a singular experience I have come to see, as I am overwhelming met with a chorus of ME TOO’s (and the occasional “you have no respect for women who work inside the home’s” (sidebar: this is weird to me of course because I AM A FREELANCE WRITER AND STAY AT HOME MOM which makes me a woman who works inside the home…). I know that I am not the only one who goes to Home Depot for a replacement hose and leaves after deciding that a unit should be replaced as its been repaired five times and it doesn’t need to literally explode atomic bomb style before you say “Uncle”. I know that I am not the only one who feels like they are swinging blindly at balls nowhere near the home plate then apologizing for striking out. I know that I am not the only who employs run-on sentences and analogies like the one I just used which is kind of like going through the desert on a horse with no name. (Okay, to be fair that wasn’t even an original analogy but it WAS a run-on sentence).

A lot went haywire today. The calendar says it’s Thursday but today is acting like a total Monday. But it is never so bad that it couldn’t have gone far worse. The caveat is, of course that if I stay awake much longer it just might.
Which brings me to my point (and I swear to you that if you mine far enough there is always at least one in here, folks)… Today is done (well, it will be in about an hour or so for me). Tomorrow is a brand new opportunity to start over, to be better and to begin once again. And it’s not just a restart for me. If your day was the pits, guess what? Tomorrow is right around the corner from us. One sleep away, in fact. There will be plenty of people who wake up hopeful and trying their best tomorrow and I for one, will be one of them, because today? This day is done and I am done with this day.


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