Bad hair days and days and days and days

When I was a child my hair was so thick that I used to brush it out in sections. Like cement mixing by hand, it took considerable strength and stamina to get under control. If it was cut short the result would be a triangular prism that could have rivaled a Lady Gaga wig. So much volume wasted on my youth…Two pregnancies and weight fluctuations along with wherever the hell is happening to me hormonally in my thirties and voila – every day is a bad hair day. I realize there are REAL problems in the world that need our attention, but I believe if we all pull together as a community we can figure out a better system than reading approximately five hundred bottles of shampoos and conditioners, going back to school to re-evaluate chemistry in order to decipher the claims they each make and frankly, buying one of everything in hopes that something, someday will work.

I am not sure if the hair game has changed so considerably (ombre, mermaid loose Dutch side braid with a full blow out for the gym and such…) or if I am becoming superficial as I come into middle age, but I have hair envy pretty much every day. When I watch Moana with the girls very recently I marveled at the imagery, I loved the story line, but I got lost in a deep sea of #hairgoals as I watched the glittering highlights in her mass of thick bouncy curls. Sigh.
I am on the supplement train (choo! choo!) adding a Biotin in with the mix and I go back to my coconut oil deep treatments (followed by anti-dandruff shampoo or the oil sits on the surface of my strands for days) but I feel like I could be doing better. I have yet to see another intruder since the Homie don’t gray that way incident, and for that I am grateful. However, I am looking for a pony tail alternative and I am open to suggestions. What is your best tip/trick/product suggestion?


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