From the misquoted mouths of babes

Today I was a guest at my third grader’s book club discussion. I had sent a message to her teacher praising the book selection that had hooked me and I was invited to sit in for the group’s conversation about the pick. It was enlightening to see the students share so openly with each other their thoughts and feelings and to be so fully themselves. I loved that my attendance didn’t throw them off.

The gem of the experience came just outside the topic of discussion (as some of the liveliest and best book club meetings do) when my daughter’s teacher wanted to share something privately with me that she said earlier that day. The teacher was due for an administrator to sit in and observe her – as teachers are routinely subject to – and had told the class what to anticipate as well as what her expectations for the class would be that day. Big Sister lamented that her mother (yours truly) felt sorry for teachers in that predicament because they had to take time out of instruction to put on “a dog and cat show” for the observers. She continued on to explain that it was frustrating for her father too, when he had to teach material that was a course requirement but would rarely if ever be applicable to a real life scenario. I would like to think that in that space the teacher knew we had her back and that I knew originally a pony was involved…


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