What am I missing?

I have written at length (and thought even longer) about how to stay on track with positive thinking. I can usually start the day right with the ability to course correct but by mid-day I am flailing. When I am reading a great book I can stay in the zone longer – picking up quotes and tricks to build or maintain momentum, but as soon as I finish the book that power over me somehow evaporates.

I am turning to you, dear readers and allies for support. What am I missing? Have you found any great resources that I haven’t yet? How do you stay on track or get back there once you have fallen off?

I tend to feel really good about where I am and where I am heading until…I hit a roadblock. There I sit, befuddled as to why I would run into one so quickly or what it means or why I couldn’t just build up a little bit of oomph before I sputter out. How do you keep yourself motivated to accomplish what you have set out to do?


9 thoughts on “What am I missing?

  1. Great post. I always take a deep breath and ask myself is this going to matter in 5 minutes ? Is it going to matter in a week ? Is it going to matter for a year from now? With that that reflection I take a brief walk or go for a run to recenter myself. I also keep a daily uplifting calender on my desk for instant inspiration.

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  2. I would ask what is this about really , what emotion or memory is popping up to be looked at and then be let go of …it’s spiritual development. Sometimes it’s about childhood , a repeat of something you were unhappy about …have a ponder ..brainstorm on a pice of paper , own it then you can let it go

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  3. I’m not one to give advice on this particular area, simply because I don’t post that often, on either of my blogs. But every once in a while I get revved up and start out with a warm up writing exercise. I use the Daily Prompts from WordPress or I have also discovered writing prompts on Pinterest. I simply search for one and ‘go to town’ with it. I’m slowly coming out of my writers block which I’ve suffered from for several years. I’m anxious about getting back to my story that I started many years ago. You aren’t missing anything at all, simply a change of subjects. I could go on further but I’ll stop. I think you can get through this now. Write On! 🙂

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  4. I’ve fallen off the wagon many (repeat MANY) times, but I’ll tell you that my personal best was when I was keeping a Gratitude Journal before going to bed and reading a devotional every morning. There was something about starting my day off peacefully with a cup of hot tea and a devotion and ending it journaling. It’s funny to read back through there and see that although my days didn’t go as planned, or insecurities, fears, failures would take hold on some days… I always ended it on a thankful note. It was like I was training my brain to see the positive. Unlike reading someone else’s book with an inspirational message… these were MY thoughts! Like the old trick when you study, write it down so your subconscience remembers it. With that, I came to the conclusion that this is life; the good, bad, ugly, beautiful, mundane, exciting, wonderment called life. And I am only human and therefore can extend grace when others need it for being human and should try to remember to start with me. So my dear friend, remember to give yourself grace. You are one of the most genuinely positive people I know, but you’re also human- not a Stepford Wife. Don’t concern yourself with WHY am I feeling and reacting? You’re human! We were wonderfully and fearfully made to do that! Look on those moments and be proud that you came out of it, dissheveled maybe, but wiser and stronger and one step closer. XOXO

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