An Update on Linda and Etta

Often times I will read a book, article or blog and stumble upon characters that I cannot shake. I wonder what the backstory is for each of them and what the future holds. If there is a scene that they appear in, I wonder what their vantage point was and what happened to them after I meet them.

This week I wrote about Linda and Etta and I wondered if sending those letters for them would get back to them. I am happy to say that they did. Yesterday a Walmart customer care supervisor called me to thank me for my time in writing and to let me know that both ladies were given safety and satisfaction awards, recognized in the corporation and given a token of appreciation – which I think is awesome. If you are reading or subscribing to this blog I feel like you will think it’s pretty great too.

There are so many times when I think about writing to a company or an organization to express my gratitude but I’m afraid that I don’t always follow through with it. I usually get preoccupied and though I meant well it falls through the cracks. But these ladies and Walmart’s response to them gave me hope again.

Maybe the lesson was to sit down and write the second it hits me (and the blogosphere yells “Hallelujah”!). Or maybe I needed a reminder to keep kindness flowing instead of letting it pool around me alone. I picked them both up. I didn’t know that I would be better for smashing a bottle of vegetable juice all over the floor of a business, but because of the people who rallied around to help me, I was.


2 thoughts on “An Update on Linda and Etta

  1. That is awesome news to get an answer about these two ladies. I always love to hear stories like this but the only way we can get an outcome is to do exactly what you did. Well Done. I’ll bet that’s got you walking on air for a bit. 🙂

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